Areas where Argentinean Wine is grown

Argentinian wines debut

Argentina is one of the biggest wine-producing nations in the world. It is the biggest producer in South America, and there are reasons behind this massive output. The high altitude of the eastern Andes has promoted the production of high-quality Argentinean wine. The grape varieties that are produced in this area are terror and Malbec. These species have the ability to produce tasty wine which is loved by many people across the globe. Malbec which was originally grown in Bordeaux has characteristics which make it the best type which is very tasty.

Where Argentinean wine is grown

Argentina has large fields of vines and is a leading producer of grape and wine as well. Most viticulture in Argentina takes place near the Mendoza Desert and in high altitudes. The climate in those areas is suitable for supporting the growth of aromatic and intensely flavored red wine. The increased solar radiation that is experienced in these zones makes the ripening period long and steady. The results of this process are wine that has balanced sugars and acidity in grapes which are ready for processing.

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The largest production of Argentinean wine takes place in Mendoza and Malbec areas. Despite the variation of climates in these two regions, growth of grapes in Malbec is done through irrigation. Large vine-gardens have been planted allowing for the steady supply of raw materials that are used in the wine industry. White Argentinean wine is also produced in this country. The vines are located further north, in Salta and Catamarca. Plantations are found in regions where which are above 9900 ft and closer to the equator. At least, the conditions experienced in such places are conducive for vines to grow and flower. The Torrontes species is cultivated in this region where it produces white floral and aromatic wine.

Other zones where large production of wine takes place in areas close to the Atlantic coast. The production of wine in Argentina goes many years back. The product was introduced by early Spanish immigrants who settled in this country. For many years, wine was produced for domestic consumption and sold locally to buyers. In the last twenty years, production has expanded and exporting is being done to many countries in the world.

Argentina wines

27 Photos of the Areas where Argentinean Wine is grown

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