Become Familiar With Fruit Wine and Spiced Wine

spiced white wine with fruit

Fruit and spiced wine are any wines that are made from any fruit and vegetables other than grapes, with the addition of spices at times. Over the last few decades, this broad category has grown from coming home winemakers and making them more commercially viable concern. These non-grape wines are becoming more popular in climates that don’t support Vitus Vinifera competently. These climates can range anywhere from Vermont and New Hampshire in the U.S to a more tropical location such as Thailand.

As many know, grapes are a very popular choice to make wine from due to the balance of the necessary components for the production of wine. They have plenty of sugar to convert into alcohol and a moderate amount of acidity, You will also find the right kind of nutrients for the yeast to feed on. A lot of non-grape wines are missing one of the components above which must get addressed in the winery.

TO Fruit Wines

Fruit Wine

Any fruit or vegetable that can be fermented can be produced into wine – there are some that are more popular than others. For instance, blueberries, apples, watermelons, plums and cherries are very popular choices to produce a sweet fruit wine by most winemakers. On the vegetable side of things, onions, eggplants, tomatoes, and chilies have also been known to be made into a type of wine as well.

Spiced Wine

Spiced wine, it can also be known as mulled wine, is a wine that originated in Europe and is usually made with red wine and other mulling spices. It can be served either hot or warm and can be either nonalcoholic or non-alcoholic. You’ll mainly find a this special type of wine in the home of an at-home winemaker, but there have been commercial versions of premixed wines available. They are usually made from a grape and other kinds of fruit wine. Few spiced wines have been around to have a long history of their region of origin. Vermouth – a favorite in France – and Barolo Chinato wines have been around since the 19th century.

Most Popular Fruit and Spiced Wine

blackberry wine

Choya Classic Umeshu – Plum Wine, Japan

Cruz Garcia Real Sangria, Spain

Yago Sant’Gria Sangria, USA

Wild Vines Blackberry Merlot Fruit Wine, California, USA

Mogen David Blackberry, New York, USA

Earl Stevens Mangoscato, California, USA

Bosca Verdi Raspberry Sparkletini Spumante, Italy

Bohae Bok Bun Ja, South Korea

Kijafa Cherry Fruit Wine, Denmark

Akadama Plum Royale Umeshu – Plum Wine, Japan

Fu-Ki Plum Wine, Japan

J. Garcia Carrion Don Simon Sangria, Spain

Chocolate Shop Chocolate – Strawberry Wine, USA

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