Must See Top Wine Regions of the World!

Wine producing areas in the world

There are many wine regions around the world. The first ten of the top wine regions are responsible for eighty percent of the entire amount of the wine produce. France, Italy, and Spain alone are responsible for almost half of the wine produce world wide. They are the three of the top wine regions of the world. They are listed in the order of their present standing rank.

The United States comes in fourth followed by Argentina, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Chili, and Portugal. Each of these wine regions have a unique soil that makes various flavorful wines. These regions each have distinguishable wines that will entice even the most particular pallet of wine critics world wide.

Wine producing areas in the world

Wine Producing Regions

France has several wine regions. The ones that really need to be seen are the Var, Bordeaux, and the Dordogne regions of France. They are the top producers of wine for France.

Italy also has several wine producing regions. Chianti and Montalcino are two of the top wine producing regions for Italy. They are highly recommended as a must see for wine lovers.

Spain is well known for the vineyards found in Costa Brava and Mallorca. These are two of Spain’s top wine producing regions. They attract wine lovers year round.

Wine Production Techniques

The United States are known mostly for the wines produced in the California region. Other wine producing regions worth looking into and visiting are found in Washington, Oregon, Texas, Napa Valley, Sonoma, and Niagara.

Niagara has a well known wine trail and wine tours that attract tourist year round. There are events and festivals taking place on a regular basis. The wines produced are made more accessible to the public and visitors alike through these festivals and events that are held on a regular basis.

Mendoza Argentina, South East England (Hampshire, Kent, Surray, and Sussex), West Algrove Portugal, Colchagua Valley Chili, Hawke’s Bay New Zealand, Western Cape South Africa, and the Gobi Desert all have vineyards worth visiting. Each has something tastefully unique in the wines they produce that are well worth a visit from anyone that calls themselves a wine lover.

22 Photos of the Must See Top Wine Regions of the World!

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