People Have the Wrong Idea About Riesling wine

California Riesling

Most wine lovers, from experts to hobbyists, will tell you that Riesling is their favorite white-wine grape variety. The industry almost entirely agrees that it is the best white wine grape grown on Earth. Most great wines come from France or Italy. The Riesling grape originates in a region located in Germany. I wonder if this damages the French pride in their nation’s wine.

You may have a bad feeling about Riesling. That negative attitude towards the grape comes from the fact that a lot of low-quality wines were exported with the name on it when it was made using other grapes. The misuse of the name has given people the notion that Riesling is a sweet and fruity wine. It is one of the driest white grapes in the wine world. Riesling winemakers are always trying to reverse this train of thought.

wine Riesling

Riesling wine

The grape doesn’t have the international popularity that French wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet, and Chardonnay have. There is a devoted legion of fans that love the dry white-wine grape variety, though. Slowly, vineyards around France and Italy are starting to grow the grape more. It is becoming more popular as the attitude around is changing.

While Riesling originates and grows best in wine regions of Germany around the Rhine river, other areas in the world are growing it successfully. The most obvious example of this is Australia. Australian vineyards are growing the grape at an increasing rate. This is mostly right in the Clare and Eden valleys. The Rieslings that are grown in Australia have a character all their own. They are slightly more acidic than their European counterparts. Even more subvarieties of this wine are being released as more winemakers are making it in the wine regions of New Zealand and South Africa.

As more new subgenres of Riesling wine are made and distributed the grape variety should become even more popular. I think that it will only gain in popularity as time goes on as more people learn about what it is. Riesling wine isn’t the sticky and fruity drink that many have been lead to believe. It is one of the drier white wines in the world.


Synonyms: Weisser Riesling, Johannisberg Riesling, Johannisberger, Rhine Riesling, Riesling Renano.

Food matches for Riesling include:

Quiche Lorraine; zwiebelkuchen onion cakes (dry)
Thai green curry (off-dry)
Key lime pie (sweet)

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