Thanksgiving wines: The Perfect Wine for the Perfect Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving wine under $20

Before long we will again be celebrating the holiday of Thanksgiving. For those of us planning to make our traditional Thanksgiving feast into a special celebration, we want everything to be perfect down to the last detail. From the food to the right china and of course the perfect wine in which to serve.

Thanksgiving wines

For some of us we would no doubt just think when it comes to Thanksgiving wines well Turkey is a poultry so it would be appropriate to serve a white wine. But maybe you want to think a little outside the traditional box and look at maybe a different type of vintage then just the traditional white wine.

mother nature Burgundy in your glass

How about a good red Burgundy wine for Thanksgiving instead. Sound a bit odd a choice, but wait isn’t Cranberry sauce a traditional side dish of Thanksgiving that goes great with turkey, this is red and sweet so stand to reason a good red wine would also be a good pairing. There are actually some great red wines that were designed for the Thanksgiving meal that would be a great wine to pair with turkey. Below are listing of some great alternative wines to consider this holiday season, any one of these would also be a great wine to pair with turkey.

Kavaklidere Yakut, Ankara

This wine is ironically made in Turkey and yes its a great wine to pair with turkey despite the fact that it is a burgundy. This classic wine is created with Öküzgözü grapes. This sort of grape gives this wine was fresh tasting.

behind the vineyards

Möhr-Niggli Pilgrim Pinot Noir

This is another classic wine and one that is produced in Switzerland. This wine is also a red wine but again would be a great Thanksgiving wine. This wine is produced from the Pinot variety of grapes which is a key vareity of grapes grown in the vineyards in Switzerland.

Turkey Flat Vineyards Butchers Block Red, Barossa

This one may seem a bit morbid in it’s title. After all, we really don’t want to think about the poor turkey being butchered for Thanksgiving and that is where this wine gets it’s name. This wine can be a bit on the strong side as well, so just be forewarned.

These are just a few Thanksgiving wines that would be a great top off to the traditional feast. The best course of action do research to find which wine suits your own personal needs. Maybe a white wine is what you would prefer but if you want something a little off the beaten trail a good burgundy is also an alternative.

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