Wine tasting is a wonderful art

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When you learn to taste wine, it is an adventure that is straight forward and you will truly learn to appreciate the different wines and their maker’s at the winery.

Start with just the basics, look, smell, and taste. Be sure to keep in mind that you will smell thousands of different and unique aromas. Although your tastes are pretty much limited to sweet, salty, and sour. Wine tasting is a wonderful art.

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Conditions of tasting wine

The unique combinations of the smells and tastes will help you discern the flavors. When you pour a little wine into a glass look for the clarity and notice the color, if it is rich or watery looking. Swish the wine in the glass and then take a whiff. You should swish the wine approximately 10 to 12 seconds to properly evaluate the wine.

Secondly slightly tilt the glass away from you looking at the wine almost looking through it, so to check the clarity of the wine. It is most helpful if you can use a white background such as a tablecloth or a napkin when you are checking the color and taste wine. Look at the whole cup, the look ever so close to the rim as well as the bottom. Take care to notice if there is any color variations.

Red wines will vary in color from maroon to ruby red and garnet colors to name a few. White wines will vary such as straw, golden, clear, and pale to name a few. When attending different wine tastings you will notice that not everyone has the same flow or the same wine tasting conditions.

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Also as different conditions are shared notice the ones you have a taste for. Each winery is different just as each glass is different at the Wine tasting along with the different wine tasting conditions. And you will come to enjoy more of a certain kind sometimes even a certain maker and their blend more than others and that’s ok, because if you hadn’t experienced the others then you wouldn’t appreciate it as much. Also you will appreciate all the hard work that goes into making wine as you taste the differences.

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