Words of Wisdom For Pairing wine with food

find the perfect food and wine pairing

Pairing wine with food can be a wonderful experience. If you are standing bewildered in front of a wall of wine, do not worry. I am going to clear up your confusion and help you pick out the perfect wine to pair with whatever you may be eating.

Pairing wine with food

How to Match Wine with Food can be a frustrating thing to do. With hundreds of wine to choose from, Pairing Wine can also be perplexing. The first you need to focus on is knowing that there are not many perfect wine food and food pairings. Typically, when a person is looking for a wine to go with a certain food, they are looking for a food that makes the flavors in the food and in the wine more noticeable. These tips that I am going to share with you will make your meals a marvelous experience.

your guide to pairing wine with holiday pies

The first thing that you need to do when Pairing wine with food is to watch the weight of your food. The easiest way to do this is to properly compare the food and wine. If the food is light, the wine should be too. If the food is full of spice, flavor, and weight, the wine needs to be the same.

Light foods like vegetables, fish, and salads require a wine that is bright and light. When you are eating heavier and richer foods that have a lot of flavor, a red wine with big tannins that can handle those big flavors and give back as well is what is needed. The next trick for pairing food and wine is to match the wine with the sauce.

Since a lot of foods have a sauce on them, it is a good idea to pair the wine with the sauce. If an entree has a creamy sauce, it should have a wine that can stand up to it (like a white wine with a bit of oak ageing). If a food has a tomato sauce, it is a good idea to pair a red wine with it.

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Other good ideas for Pairing wine with food are to match the color of the wine with the food. An example of this is pairing tuna steak with a pink wine. If you are eating spicy food, a sweet wine will go well with that dish. The last good idea for knowing How to Match Wine with Food is to stick to tradition. A good example of this is pairing an American burger with a California wine or pizza or pasta with an Italian red wine. Using these tips and ideas will make your food and wine pairings a terrific experience.

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