Andres Iniesta: Bringing football inspiration to wine production

At the age of 32, Andres Iniesta still struggles with Barcelona in every arena. Not only that, the Spanish midfielder also promotes the family’s wine business, making the small brand gradually become an empire in the bull wine industry.

It is not uncommon for celebrities to produce and trade wine. In Hollywood there is actor Brad Pitt, in the football world with Sir Alex Ferguson, Pirlo. But there is a difference in Iniesta. He comes from the family of the grape growers, childhood associated with the harvest season. The dream of building an Iniesta wine brand has been cherished for a long time but due to his busy career, it was not until 2010 that he was able to build a wine factory right in his hometown of Fuentealbilla.

After pregnancy, the wine brought to Bodegas Iniesta was born. Initially it was sold to cooperatives in Spain. Recently, Bodegas Iniesta stretched out of the border when it was introduced at an exhibition in Toronto, Canada. Although not yet at the stores of the country, Bodegas Iniesta impressed those who enjoy it. Iniesta Bodegas made entirely from bobal, grape only in the region of Fuentealbilla and incubated in French oak barrels.

In an effort to attract foreign markets, Iniesta has not stopped adding new materials to enrich the wines. Grape varieties in the world are imported to serve the production of alcohol. Bodegas Borsao, Garnacha … the siblings of Bodegas Iniesta in turn appear on the market.

Iniesta also inspired football into his bottles through their names. Hechicero wine is taken from the ancient name of Spain, meaning “Witch”. That is the nickname that fans give Iniesta to contact his superhuman skills on the pitch.

From a small winery with an investment of 9 million euros, Iniesta’s production facility now produces more than 1 million bottles of wine every year. The wine brand Iniesta is known not only in Spain but also in England, Germany and Japan.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Andres Iniesta: Đem cảm hứng bóng đá vào sản xuất rượu vang

In addition to diversifying types of alcohol, Iniesta is constantly exploring and applying modern technology to production and business. Recently, Iniesta used Agroanalytics technology to create the best conditions for alcohol production. The above technology was developed by many agricultural research centers in Spain as well as in Europe. With Agroanalytic, Iniesta’s vineyards will be monitored by sensors to synthesize data such as humidity, temperature, air… to best serve the cultivation and care of grapes.

The governor of Albacete has repeatedly praised Iniesta “for changing the face of the region, changing the traditional wine production” here. And Iniesta, he shared about the left-hand profession: “Wine can be considered as one of my motivational sources. I want wine to reflect myself”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Andres Iniesta: Đem cảm hứng bóng đá vào sản xuất rượu vang

Passionate about business and quite successful, but Iniesta’s only goal is not to make money. On the alcohol company website, Iniesta said it would spend 1 euro per bottle of wine sold online to charity.