Andres Iniesta is very successful with the production and trading of wine

Andres Iniesta is a rare midfielder in modern football. He could swing the ball, pierce the opponent’s crotch, lead the speed ball, brake the ball, and turn the ball from the wing and finish.

Everything is done perfectly. Everything doesn’t come easy. Iniesta has come a long way since he was a crying little boy to La Masia, until the day he became the world’s top player. Andres Iniesta won a lot of football titles with Spain and Barcelona. But not only that, this player born in 1984 is still very successful with the production and trading of wine.

Iniesta (giữa) trong màu áo CLB mới, Vissel Kobe

Along with Barcelona, ​​Iniesta has owned 9 La Liga championships, 4 Champions League titles. He also won the European Championship twice with the Spanish team (2008, 2012), one time the world champion (2010). On May 24, 2018, Iniesta parted ways with Barca and signed a three-year contract with Japan’s Kobe Vissel Club. Iniesta will start participating and rehearsals with new teammates to prepare for the match between Vissel Kobe and Shonan Bellmare in the 17 J. League round of the 2018 League next Sunday (July 22, 2018). At Vissel Kobe, Iniesta will stand alongside the 2014 World Cup champion, Lukas Podolski.

But in addition to football, Iniesta is also very successful with the production and trading of wine. According to Bloomberg news, Bodega Iniesta, Iniesta’s winemaker, produced 1.2 million bottles in 2017, up 500% from 2010. If 7 years ago, Spain is the only market of Bodega Iniesta, currently, 60% of the factory’s revenue comes from abroad.

Andres Iniesta đang rất thành công với nghề sản xuất và kinh doanh rượu vang

Among the products of Bodega Iniesta, the wine called Minuto 116 is the best seller. The reason Iniesta named this wine is Minuto 116 because Iniesta wanted to celebrate the time he scored in the 116th minute in the Spanish match against DT Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup final and helped the home team win the championship. Mr. Jose Antonio Iniesta, Andres Iniesta’s father, and company CEO Bodega Iniesta confirmed the company’s growth plan in the future: “Our goal is to do what we like without necessarily make money. But we did very well and so we continue to grow”.