Discover 10 interesting stories about wine

Anyone who loves wine, or has learned about wine, has to admit that the wine world is extremely rich and there are many interesting things.

These interesting things not only come from the taste of wine, the drinking culture, the benefits of alcohol,… but also from the stories surrounding this “god-given” drink.

Discover interesting stories about wine through the article below:

1. An experiment in 2001 was conducted on students of the wine and wine tasting department of the University of Bordeaux, in which they will taste a certain wine. As a result, all 54 students claimed that they were drinking red wine, while in fact it was white wine dyed red. In addition, when people experimented with varying amounts of money for identical bottles, experts praised the bottle for being expensive, while “criticizing” the bottles that were cheaper priced.

2. In 1976, a masked wine tasting competition between California wine and French wine was held in Paris. The results of California wine won, and the only reporter who attended the event was ostracized for reporting.


3. A 2005 study showed that scores judged by “wine experts” were almost meaningless. Because of the same wine, each time they evaluate, they give different scores, usually about 4 points difference.

4. There is an organization in Africa that uses wine to dig a well. They named their organization Wine to Water.

5. The long-term secret of the world’s oldest woman (122 years) is to drink olive oil, hard alcohol and 1 kg of chocolate every week.

6. The ancient Greeks used a special glass of wine, to ensure the drinkers used the moderation of alcohol. If pouring through this line, the amount of alcohol in the glass will automatically overflow.

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7. During the period of prohibition of US alcohol consumption, the bottle of grape juice sold always had a warning line: “After dissolving with water, do not let this liquid mixture exceed 20 days, as it can turn wine into wine”.

8. In 2001, a group of wine experts gave a Bordeaux wine bottle with an average low price, never seen, because it was contained in a cheap bottle. When it is put in an expensive bottle, it gets an unprecedented high score.

9. A thief sneaking into Buckingham Palace spent half an hour enjoying cheddar cheese and wandering around. He hit a lot of alarms but they all failed. He shortened the royal portrait and leaned into the throne for a while. He tasted half a bottle of wine, tired of leaving.

10. Ancient Roman people believed that spices were more important than the aromas found in wine. Therefore, they often add grape fish sauce, garlic, lead to grape juice.