How to choose a good Italian wine for beginners

Present in the list of the world’s leading wine producers, Italy is home to 500-600 different grape varieties. If you are a beginner enjoying wine, Italian wine is the first choice by the following characteristics.

If you still wonder what good Italian wines to choose when you start, we suggest you choose the following options:


1. Nero d’Avola wine

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, south of the Italian peninsula, Sicily is the largest area in the country. Speaking of Italian wine, it is impossible not to mention Sicily wine. Nero d’Avola is a golden grape in Sicily, used to make bright red wine bottles with a sweet red fruit, crisp blueberry and a mild, spicy taste.


The taste of premium Sicily wines is made up of a harmonious wine structure, a bright acid taste and a medium alcohol content. Red wine Nero d’Avola will be better when “breathed” in a glass of wine or decanted before drinking. Italian Wine perfectly combines with burger, lasagna or pizza. Wine is good, easy to drink and affordable – that’s why Italian wine Nero d’Avola is the first choice of those who start enjoying wine.

2. Montepulciano wine

Montepulciano is the second most grown grape variety in Italy (after Sangiovese). Typically, an Italian wine made from Montepulciano grape will name the grape variety and production region name on the bottle label, for example “Montepulciano d’Abruzzo” is Montepulciano wine produced in the Abruzzo region.

This is a premium Italian wine bottle, with a smooth texture and rich red black fruit flavor. Wine styles vary, from not sweet, slightly sweet to sweet, suitable for barbecue, salumi, pasta or cheese.

3. Negroamaro wine

Negroamaro grapes are grown in the Puglia region with a hot climate, creating grapes with a strong flavor and high sugar content. Negroamaro Italian wine has a variety of styles: a full or rustic, soft or fresh wine taste depends largely on the season and skill of the producers.


Negroamaro grapes are often blended with Primitivo grapes to make wine, helping the tannin to calm down and arousing the sweetness of the fruit. Good wine when combined with pork, chicken or Texas ribs.

4. Primitivo

Red grapes Primitivo is also grown in the Puglia region and is often mixed with Negroamaro grapes to neutralize the wine flavor.

It is possible to name the outstanding flavors of Primitivo wine, such as a bright, youthful, fruity, spicy and mild tannin flavor, creating a harmonious overall flavor.